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  • Square State Solid State Announces Their First Australian Dealer – Jazz Guitar Australia!

  • Square State Solid State, based in Colorado, USA is excited to announce their first dealer in Australia – Jazz Guitar Australia (http://www.jazzguitaraustralia.com)

    Jazz Guitar Australia is welcoming the new brand to their family by having a great introductory sale on our flagship product – the model one b Equalizer.

    The model one b was born out of the desire for a versatile and affordable EQ having the muscular yet graceful tone-shaping characteristics of vintage inductor-based equalizers.

    Combining inductor-based topology with a modern, high-speed op amp design, Square State Solid State has developed an EQ that is unrivaled at its price. With a very logical layout and the ability to connect to most any line level source (balanced, unbalanced, mixer inserts, etc.), great sounds and tones are achievable in any application, making it a valuable tool for tracking, mixing or live sound.

    The low, mid, and high bands offer a substantial amount of cut/boost at useful frequencies, while still behaving musically when pushed to extremes - a revered characteristic of classic inductor-based equalizers. Furthermore, the switchable low and high frequency bands offer both bell and shelf shapes, for maximum versatility.

    Square state solid state looks forward to great engineers, musicians and producers throughout Australia discovering the model one b Equalizer. For more info check us out at –
    Jazz Guitar Australia