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Square State Solid State Launches
The EQUALIZER model one b

November 2009

In the quest for a versatile, affordable EQ with the muscular yet graceful tone-shaping characteristics of the inductor-based units of yesteryear, newcomer Square State Solid State announces its EQUALIZER model one b.

Combining inductor-based topology with a modern, high-speed op amp design, the EQUALIZER model one b is unrivaled at its price. Boasting an intuitive, logical layout and the ability to connect to most any line level source (balanced, unbalanced, mixer inserts, etc.), the model one b promises great sounds and tones in any application — making it a valuable tool for tracking, mixing or live sound.

The EQUALIZER model one b’s low, mid, and high bands offer a substantial amount of cut/boost (nearly 20 dB) at useful frequencies (six per band), while still behaving musically when pushed to extremes — a revered characteristic of classic inductor-based equalizers. Furthermore, the switchable low and high frequency bands offer bell and shelf shapes for maximum versatility.  And all of this functionality is wrapped up in a sturdy, all-metal rack-mountable chassis with a simple, yet elegant appearance. 

...the switchable low and high frequency bands offer bell and shelf shapes for maximum versatility...

Based in the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Square State Solid State was formed by a pair of music-industry veterans with a thirst for tone and a passion for pure sound. Longtime research & development engineer Byron Jacquot and studio owner /producer / engineer / guitarist Joe Turse have joined forces to bring years of experience to bear in producing the company’s first pro audio product. 

"Having spent years seeking the most musical tones  — first as a guitarist in just about every musical configuration imaginable, and later as owner of a studio where I record musicians of every stripe — I’ve dissected countless pieces of gear," Turse says. "I have a gut feeling for the sweet spots of the iconic gear of the past, and those are the grails that guided us in producing our cost-effective approximation of their top-end performance."

Adds Jacquot: "This unit was conceived as a more usable adjunct to the EQ found on most small mixers. The bell-shaped filters on the high and low bands allow for precision and flexibility usually only found on more upmarket EQs. I’ve returned to the fundamentals to build an EQ that musicians, engineers and sound-reinforcement teams can use to quickly and easily yield pleasing results in a variety of situations."

Square State Solid State is also pleased to say that all units are assembled and tested in Colorado, "the square state" of the USA, using high-quality parts sourced from American companies wherever possible. The EQUALIZER model one b is available for purchase through ZenPro Audio starting November 2009.