Welcome to the Square State

Square State Solid State


Our Mission

Our philosophy is that high-quality audio hardware and a low price point need not be mutually exclusive - we have operated studios on strict budgets, and understand the need to make every dollar count.  Our designs are innovative and unique.  We start each product with a clean slate, not looking to recreate vintage units, but rather to build something fresh, that can stand on its own merits.  Finally, we work to keep our manufacturing within the United States whenever possible – our PCBs, metalwork, and product assembly as well as all testing are done right here in Colorado, USA. Furthermore, whenever possible, key components are American made.

What's in a name?

Just like the effort you might give to naming your band, pet or child, we debated what to call this venture.  Near the end of one of the many lists of potential names was "Square State Audio," a nod to our home state of Colorado, which has been nick-named "the square state." It was close, but lacking a certain zing...which was later found stenciled on the front of an old hi-fi receiver.